REM Metals is a newly established metal trading company which aims to conduct ethical metal trading transactions that can preserve the interests of metal suppliers and mining companies as well as the buyers. By acting as an intermediary between the buyers and suppliers, we intend to reduce the problems faced by both parties with respect to logistics, storage, and financial dealings.

Our President, Mr. Ravi Kumar Mandalapu has built the foundations of the organization on integrity and market acumen required for the trading company to flourish and succeed.


We buy and sell concentrates and rare metals. These are Columbite (Niobium), Tantalite (Tantalium), Tin, Gold and Copper. Since these metals are of high value in the markets, we undertake high levels of safety and security in storage and transportation. Our team is involved in researching every supplier to ensure that they adhere to the international standards of safety and human rights. We keep environmental awareness and sustainability in mind in order to ensure that all our resources are sources responsibly.



We Value Integrity

In order to build lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers, we value integrity in every single transaction and communication. By build transparency in our workplaces and in our relationships, we have been able to win the trust of our suppliers and clients and safeguard their interests.

We Value Human Life

REM Metals values every employee as well as the lives of people involved in the sourcing of the metals. Since mining is a dangerous activity, we source metals from suppliers who adhere to the international and local guidelines of safety and human rights.

We Value The Interests of Our Clients

Our team conducts market wide research to source high-quality metals which meet the standards for our clients. Keeping the interests of our clients in mind, we provide them with responsibly sourced metals at the right price without logistical impediments.