Known for its widespread use in alloys to increase strength and for its superconductive properties, Columbite is an industrially useful metal considered important in many high technology applications. From its use in the aerospace industry to the medical field, Columbite serves several industrial purposes. We identify responsible suppliers of Columbite and connect them with prospective buyers. Our search for suppliers involves extensive research and understanding of their mining and extraction processes and adequate study about the quality of the metal in order to ensure that our buyers have access to the best product.


As alternative energy gains traction, Tantalite has become a more sought after metal. Its use in batteries and ferroelectric materials makes it important in the development of alternative energy. We are committed to providing our buyers with responsibly procured tantalite. All our tantalite and columbite suppliers meet the international standards for safety and human rights and ensure that the metals supplied are of the highest quality and are available at the right price.


Tin is useful because of its anti-corrosive properties, which makes it suitable for making alloys as well as for coating other corrosive metals. As a key industrial metal, tin can be sourced directly through mining or can be recycled for reuse. We help our buyers find the most suitable suppliers of tin, making it easy for them to acquire high quality tin at the right price and in a logistically viable way.


Known for its widespread use in jewellery, gold may not have high commercial demand, but it is one of the most valued metals in many communities. Keeping in mind that gold is a rare metal and gold mining is an expensive and time consuming process, the metal may not be easy to source. This is why we take the time to research the many gold suppliers around the world and identify the quality of gold mined by these suppliers to identify the best suppliers who meet industry standards.


Copper has widespread use in industries and in everyday lives. From electric wiring and plumbing to industrial machinery, copper is used in many ways. While copper mining continues to be an important source, recycling copper is also starting to become a popular way of sourcing the metal. We try to meet the requirements of our buyers by finding suitable copper suppliers who have ethically sourced the metals and can meet the logistic timelines of our clients.